Moustache Pacifier
Moustache Pacifier
Moustache Pacifier

Moustache Pacifier

Where Elegance Meets Drool

Is your little one tired of being mistaken for a mere mortal? Does their baby face lack that certain “stache” appeal? Look no further! The Moustache Pacifier is here to elevate your infant’s style game.


  • Hairy Chic: This pacifier boasts a moustache that would make Salvador Dalí jealous. Your baby will exude sophistication during teething tantrums.
  • BPA-Free Swagger: Crafted from BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic, this pacifier ensures your mini-gentleman’s health and well-being. No toxic chemicals here—only suave vibes.
  • Silicone Sophistication: The silicone nipple provides comfort and class. It’s like sipping Earl Grey tea while discussing existential philosophy (or, you know, drooling).
  • Protective Cap: Because even tiny moustaches need protection from the elements. Rain or shine, your baby’s stache stays pristine.


  • Dimensions: A compact 6.6 x 4.0  x 4.2 (because elegance doesn’t need excess baggage).
  • Color: Pantone “Gentleman Black” with a hint of satire.

Why Choose the Moustache Pacifier?

  • Turn everyday moments into photo opportunities. Capture your baby’s charming new look and watch as friends and family can’t help but smile.
  • It’s the perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, or just because. Bring humor and style to any new parent’s life.
  • Imagine the laughs and adoration when people see your baby sporting this hilarious and adorable moustache.

Disclaimer: The Bitten Moustache Pacifier does not guarantee eloquent speech or an affinity for moustaches. But it does make diaper changes more debonair.